Authorized Export Distributor of Elastimold* products

Interested in Elastimold products? Unlike other "supply" companies you may find on the Internet or elsewhere, Ardry Trading Company is the only authorized export distributor of Elastimold products in the United States.  What does this mean for you, the customer? First and foremost it means that you will be buying from the most direct source available for Elastimold products that are intended for use outside of the United States and Canada**.   More importantly, when you contact Ardry Trading Company, you will be speaking with someone who has been technically trained by Elastimold on their products.  We have the most up-to-date product specification sheets, drawings, test reports and installation instructions which means you get the the best pre-purchase product support.   This ensures that the product you purchase from us is the correct product for your application.  Ardry also realizes that lead times and delivery are critical to the success of your project.  This is why we carry an extensive supply of Elastimold cable accessories in stock at our worldwide headquarters and warehouse facilities located just outside of Savannah, Georgia, one of the top five container-handling facilities in the United States and the second largest port on the east coast serving more than 150 countries and more than 300 ports throughout the world.  Plus purchasing Elastimold cable accessories, switchgear, protection and control products from Ardry Trading ensures that you are getting genuine Elastimold products that are covered under their standard product warranty. 

In short, purchasing Elastimold products from Ardry ensures:
 - The most direct source
 - Technically trained sales and engineering staff
 - Over 90% of all Elastimold cable accessories in stock
 - Guaranteed genuine Elastimold products covered under warranty
 - Over 100 combined years of experience specifying, supplying and servicing Elastimold products.
- Superior logistics and documentation services for the export of your order.



*** FULLY COMPLIES WITH IEEE 57-140-2006, 7.2 ***

Drykeep unit
An innovative on-line transformer insulation dry-out system developed by the Power Distribution Services (PDS) business unit of Rotek Engineering, in collaboration with the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA), DryKeep is a stationary, continuous water removal system. It is capable of reducing water levels from to less than 10 ppm in transformer oils.  Most dry-out systems available on the market today are mobile and only dry out the oil.  This accompishes next to nothing, as only 2% of the moisture content in a transformer can be held in the oil while 98% of the moisture resides in the solid insulation.  What separates Drykeep from the other systems on the market is that the continuous on-line removal of water from the transformer oil also ensures the removal of the moisture in the solid insulation (cellulose paper).  And unlike other permament systems, DryKeep is virtually maintenance-free and poses absolutely no risk to the transformer itself!



Ardry Trading Company represents some of the most well-known and trusted transformer component manufacturers in the world.  We offer a broad array of transformer components for ANSI/IEEE as well as IEC design pole type distribution transformers, padmount type distribution transformers, CSP transformers and switchgear.  Ardry Trading supplies transformer and switchgear OEM’s with the reliable products needed to service their component requirements.  Apparatus bushings and bushing wells, tap changers, dual voltage switches, under oil loadbreak switches, expulsion and current limiting fuses and holders, high voltage arresters, solid insulation (paper) as well as CSP low voltage circuit breakers are examples of the numerous products available from the industry’s most trusted and reliable supplier of transformer components for the export market.  

P&A Power Products Inc.

P&A Power Products, with manufacturing facilities in Korea, makes a complete line of oil insulated load break switches for distribution transformers, including 4 position V and T blade switches. Also manufacturs single and three phase CSP Circuit Breakers designed and licensed by ABB Power T&D Company.

Telema & Berger Resistors, Inc.

For more the 20 years, Robert (Bob) E. Berger II, P.E. has successfully taken resistor projects from the prototype stage to manufacturing completion. His projects have included applications for mass transit, off-highway trucks and resistive load centers. Berger’s knowledge of resistor design characteristics and their application is respected industry wide.

When Telema S.P.A., headquartered in Milan, Italy wanted a U.S. partner whose knowledge of power resistors would compliment their own, they sought out Bob Berger and the Telema & Berger partnership was forged. Together, Telema S.P.A. and Telema & Berger, Inc. offer more than 50 years of design and applications experience. 

Ardry Trading Company, Inc. is an authorized Export Management Company for Telema & Berger Resistors, Inc. 


Utility Solutions

Utility Solutions
is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and associated products to solve operating problems encountered by utility field personnel. Ardry Trading Company is proud to be the export management company for Utility Solutions whose products include:
  • Load-Ranger XLT portable load break tool product lines
  • Mini-Ranger lightweight portable load break tool product line
  • Break-Safe load break & load pickup product line
  • Blue Stripe shotgun sticks, telescope hot sticks, bucket sticks, striaght sticks
  • Grab-It product line for safe removal and installation of overhead fused cutout tubes
  • Varmint Shield for overhead equipment protection from accidental animal outages
  • Klondike Clamp for securing insulated blankets
  • Elbow-Mule for removal of seized elbows
  • Strip-N-Coil for rapid preparation for underground cable preparation

  • GH-USA Valve Co.

    GH-USA Valve Co.s products include a wide variety of valves in bronze, iron, steel and corrosion resistant alloys for class 125 to API 20,000 PSI pressure services. The valves are straight-through flow valves, which provide positive shutoff with minimal pressure drop and flow turbulence. In addition to the various types of valves listed below, engineering services and design are also offered including specialty valve design, ball machining, and valve testing to MSS-SP-61, API 598, ANSI/FCI 70-2-1991 Class VI, API 6D, Fire safe to API 607, API 6FA, BS 6755, and customer-special requirements including submerged testing with Nitrogen Gas at 3750 psig for 15 minutes with Zero bubbles, and Helium gas testing per UOP applications.

    Valves available include:

    • Floating Ball Valves: 1/2 - 12, 150# - 2500#, ASTM-WCB, ASTM-WCC, ASTM-CF8M, ASTM-SF3M, ALLOY 20, 3-PIECE BOLTED, 2-PIECE BOLTED, 3-WAY L&T PORT, METAL SEATED, ANSI B16.34 and API 6D

    • Trunnion Ball Valves: 1 - 36, 150# - 2500# ANSI, 5000# - 20000# API, A105, STAINLESS STEEL, DUPLEX SS, EXOTIC ALLOYS, 3-WAY L&T PORT, METAL SEATED, ANSI B16.34 and API 6A/6D

    • Gate Valves: 1/2 - 36 ANSI 600, 2 24 API 6D, 1 8 API 6A, 150# - 2500# ANSI, 5000# - 20000# API , A105, CAST IRON, ASTM-WCB, ASTM-CF8M, ASTM-CF3, EXOTIC ALLOYS, WEDGE, SLAB, KNIFE, THROUGH CONDUIT, PARALLEL SLIDE, ANSI B16.34 and API 6A/6D

    • GH-830 Ball Valves: 1/4 - 3, 2000# - 10000#, ASTM-A105, AISI 4130/4140, STAINLESS STEEL, INCONEL, MONEL, 3-PIECE, 2-PIECE, WELDED BODY, THREADED, SOCKET WELD, ANSI B16.34 AND API 6A/6D

    • Piston Check Valves: 2 - 24 ANSI 600, 1 12 API 6D, 150# - 2500# ANSI, 5000# - 20000# API, ASTM-WCB, ASTM-CF8M, ASTM-CF3, EXOTIC ALLOYS, NON SLAM, GLOBE, PISTON, CHECK, ANSI B16.34 and API 6A/6D

    • Check Valves: 2 - 36 ANSI 600, 2 24 API 6D, 150# - 2500# ANSI, 5000# - 20000 API , FORGE STEEL, ASTM-WCB, ASTM-CF8M, ASTM-CF3, SPECIAL ALLOYS, SWING, BALL, PISTON, WAFER, SINGLE PLATE, ANSI B16.34 and API 6A/6D


    • Other valves include: Forge Steel Valves, Globe Valves, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Bellow Valves, Cryogenic Valves, Control Valves, Instrumentation Valves, Y Strainers / Baskets, Twin Disc Check Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves and Tank Gauges Valves.


    The Ardry Group also offers Export Management Services, Product Licensing Arrangements and Joint Ventures.  Use the "CONTACT ARDRY" link for more details.


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    *   Elastimold is a registered trademark of Thomas & Betts Corporation
    **  You must specify the country of destination for the products you are inquiring about or we WILL NOT be able to process your request.  Elastimold products not available for all countries through Ardry.  Contact your Ardry salesperson for more details.  Diversion of any products may be contrary to US export law.